McDonald’s Employee Quits, Tells Boss to “**** Off” After Winning $362,259 On Lunch Break

Martin Reiter
Martin Reiter walked into work yesterday one of the poorest men in the building; four hours and a half shift later, he walked out one of the richest.

Never one for stability or long-term employment, Martin Reiter has been shuffling jobs for the past 9 months, working anywhere from his local Walmart chain to his neighborhood McDonald’s in Nevada. Whatever the case, work for him has been strictly a “get in and get out” affair. It wasn’t until his night shift 2 weeks ago that it appeared Martin would be “getting out” forever.

While browsing Facebook on his lunch break, Martin came across an online bingo site giving away $25 in free spins. With nothing to lose and 30 minutes of free time, Martin decided to try his luck. What happened 12 spins and 20 minutes later would change his fate forever.

In one single spin, Martin won the progressive jackpot, cashing out on $362,259 in the matter of 5 seconds. Having won over 20 times his annual salary in a single spin, Martin’s McDonald’s career had come to an abrupt end.

“I just didn’t believe it at first,” Martin said. “I thought it was some sick April Fool’s day joke my coworkers had played on me. It was until I hit the cash out button and saw the the dollar signs next to my name that I knew it was real.”

After some choice words for his boss upon exiting, Martin hasn’t been seen at McDonald’s since.

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