When you hop on a plane, you never know if you’re getting a newer plane with an updated entertainment system or if you’re getting an older plane with no entertainment system and TVs that drop down from above.

Jet Blue has been pretty good about always having a proper entertainment system working in-flight with Fly-Fi, which is JetBlue’s Wi-Fi service available in flight within the United States. Most airlines in the US have or have had a Linux-based operating system.

JetBlue promises to offer a “Fully Connected In-Seat Experience from Gate to Gate”. This means the airline won’t shut off its Wi-Fi services during takeoff and landing.

Jet Blue

JetBlue says it will become the first domestic airline to launch an inflight system that can communicate with the plane’s own Wi-Fi connection. Up until now, customers have had to use their own devices to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot in the sky.

JetBlue’s Fly-Fi service is free for customers to use with 12 to 20
Mbps speeds to each connected device. Let’s see if JetBlue can deliver that particular promise. The airline also says to be providing an outlet and USB port for every seat on the plane, though, this isn’t very new as American Airlines has been doing this in a few aircrafts for a couple of years now.


JetBlue goes on to say that the new entertainment system will call for a seat reconfiguration, meaning they will remove some seats and spread them out a little but more, so everyone has a tiny bit more room. JetBlue has the best legroom of any domestic airline.

The new Cabin reconfigurations are set to start later this year with completion aimed at 2019.

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